“If the Basic QT workshop (Level 1) was like a rocket, the advanced QT Level 2 workshop picks up exactly where we left off and will send it into orbit and beyond.” 

- Richard Gordon, Founder of QT

Level 2 adds a whole new dimension. You will learn a new way of running energy and new abilities, which amplify the healing process, making it even faster, more powerful and more encompassing. On top of that, you will open doors to greater love and greater freedom. You will acquire tools to expand your intuitive abilities and your consciousness and you will learn powerful ways to manifest your intentions and your dreams.
Some of things you will learn:

  • Discover a New Way to Run Energy
  • New Abilities
  • Healing Trauma
  • Discover Physiological Happiness
  • Open to Greater Intuitive Ability
  • New Professional Skills and Income for Practitioners
  • Open Portals to Wisdom
  • Open to Greater Love
  • Amazing New Chakra Discoveries
  • Use Energy with the Law of Attraction
  • The Quantum-Touch Meditation
  • Explore and Enter the New Paradigm

For timing and location, please visit our schedule site.

Download :

Registration forms India QT 1 & 2Registration forms India QT 1 & 2
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