Free Information and Demonstration of QT

Dates :Sat. 28th September 2013
Time :5.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Venue :Mumbai, Juhu Beach
Location :

Download :

Registration forms India QT 1 & 2Registration forms India QT 1 & 2

We are happy to announce that you are invited to free demonstrations of Quantum Touch.  These events are to be held in public places such as shopping malls etc and with no obligation we welcome everyone to come along and participate.

We will be demonstrating how effective Quantum Touch healing is and we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, you will easily recognise us by the yellow Quantum Touch T-Shirts we will be wearing.

Maybe you have a pain or problem that needs help; we may be able to help you directly while demonstrating Quantum Touch to you. If you are interested in learning Quantum Touch healing techniques for yourself or to help your family and friends you can book up for a workshop to learn more.

Quantum Touch is easy to learn and its application has been found to be most effective. As we said before there in no obligation and we are here for you at the demonstration, we offer this healing with the love from our hearts. Be assured there is no black magic involved. Quantum Touch is a unique healing method that everyone can easily learn and apply. We look forward to seeing you there and serving you.

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