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Johanna  is a mentor in the Quantum-Touch mentor program.
This program is intended to expand the scope of professional support offered by Quantum-Touch, Inc.  It helps improving the skills and business of instructors and practitioners.
Quantum-Touch, Inc.  want their Certified Instructors to be well prepared for their new career, able to communicate techniques clearly and to have a solid grasp of class organization essentials so that their business can thrive. The QT Mentor Program provides that foundation. It is a comprehensive program of one-on-one mentoring designed to jumpstart the transition between practitioner and instructor in a powerful yet supportive way.  Communication between the mentor and students can take place online as well as face-to-face.

There are three mentoring plans designed to fit your professional goals and needs:
(1) Required Mentoring for future Level 1 Instructors
Beginning May 1, 2013, all QT Certified Practitioners who wish to teach Level 1 QT will be required to complete the Mentor Program as part of their instructor certification requirements.
(2) Optional Mentoring for current Level 1 Instructors
For those who are already Certified Quantum-Touch Instructors, we offer an OPTIONAL Mentor Program. You can schedule support on an hourly basis or complete the program in full.
(3) Optional Mentoring for Certified QT Practitioners
For our Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioners, we offer various mentoring options. You can arrange one-on-one mentor support with an approved QT Mentor of your choice on an hourly basis, or take advantage of other support options offered by Quantum-Touch, Inc.

Who are the QT Mentors?

We quote from the QT website (
The mentors approved by Quantum-Touch, Inc. are some of our best and brightest, most experienced and successful Level 1 Instructors worldwide. Many of them are also teaching Level 2 Quantum-Touch and Self Created Health. All of them have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to mentor students in the past and create a thriving business in the healing arts.

For more information: visit the QT website (

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