Healing Sessions

Quantum-Touch is the most natural and effective healing modality we know of. It has become the heart and core of our healing work. We love offering it and the clients love receiving it. They come to see us for all sorts of physical and emotional issues.

We are providing face to face healing sessions and sessions on Skype.
Further more we provide 3:1 healing sessions, where 3 Quantum-Touch certified persons work on 1 client at the same time. Here, the healing energy is even stronger.

We charge for a 20 minute 1:1 session    900 INR, for 5 sessions 4,000 INR.
We charge for a 20 minute 3:1 session 2,000 INR, for 5 sessions 8,000 INR.
All healing sessions must be prepaid.
Appointments can be made by email or phone.
helmut@healing-international.com / +91 9 22 33 77 00 3
Free Quantum-Touch healing sessions:
We offer free QT healing sessions to people who cannot afford paid healing sessions.
Free healing sessions are held one or two times a week, mostly joint by three QT certified persons.

  • These free healing sessions are restricted to max. 6 clients at a time.
  • A free healing session will be 15 minutes for each client.
  • Clients can apply by sending an email to helmut@healing-international.com
  • Clients must give a feedback at least once a week by email or sms.
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